International Year of Glass Debriefing: New York

United Nations Headquarters, (14th December 2022)

The last formal event  of the International Year of Glass 2022 on 14th December at the UN headquarters n New York.was to thank the United Nations for permission to run the Year and specifically to thank those Ambassadors who supported the award.. Following a welcome reception on 13th December, the  main programme on Wednesday 14th December was:

  • 11.00 Welcome. Presentation by Fernando Valladares, Research professor CSIC and international expert in global change and climate challenges.
  • 11.25 to 12.25.Highlights from the many activities that ran during the year  involving 100 000s  of people from every continent and the vital role GLASS has in supporting the UN 2030 Sustainability Goals. Structured around Equality and Education; Health issues; Sustainability; and Climate Change, it.explored the lessons learned .alongside the many legacy projects that will store so many lasting and positive messages,   
  • 12.25 to 12,30. Thanks to all whose energies created the concept, brought it to fruition and whose vision has left a lasting imprint.


The UN Debriefing was also streamed live and is now available online as a free recording.


The final Message from the IYOG president, Prof A Duran was:

Good bye IYOG2022.

Welcome to the Age of Glass!