IYOG2022 Closing Ceremony.

8-9th December 2022

Yasuda Auditorium, The University of Tokyo, Japan (and Online)


All participants, whether attending on-site or online, will be required to register for the conference in advance. The registration page is now open at:


Registration Fees (Regular/online) Participant: 75 euros, Students: 40 euros (Payment by Credit Card will be accepted). If you register as an online participant, you can access the zoom webinar and watch the video on demand (up to one month after the closing conference).


COVID controls

When preparation for this event began, ALL foreign nationals needed a VISA to enter Japan, but Japan's Policy on border control changed in the middle of October .Now visitors from many countries can enter Japan for a short stay without one.  

Please check the following web page which also explains the vaccination policy.


Closing Ceremony Programme (Tentative)

Thursday 8th December 2022

8:30 Open Venue and Registration

9:30 Opening ceremony Moderators: President of ICG Reinhard Conradt and Chair of ICOM Glass Teresa Medici

10:50 Plenary lecture /Alicia Duran (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas)

11:30 Plenary lecture / Manoj Choudhary (The Ohio State University) online

12:00 Lunch break

13:20 Invited talk / Yoshinori Hirai (AGC Inc.)

13:50 break

13:55 Session 5: Glass Art & Museum Moderator: Teresa Medici

14:00 Karol Wight (the Corning Museum of Glass)

14:25 Ruriko Tsuchida (Toyama Glass Art Museum)

14:50 break

14:55 Marzia Scalon (Fondazione Giorgio Cini)

15:20 Future Generation Tomomi Tamura (Nara National Institute for Cultural properties)

15:35 Future Generation Zuzana Kubelková (glass artist)

15:50 Music event

16:20 Coffee break

16:40 Session 1: Glass structure from advanced simulation and characterization Moderator: Jincheng Du

16:45 Liping Huang (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

17:10 Daniel Neuville (CNRS)

17:35 break

17:40 Jincheng Du (University of North Texas)

18:05 Future Generation Federica Lodesani (University of Modena and Reggio Emilia)

18:20 End of day 1

Friday 9th December 2022

9:00 Award Ceremony of Seven Glass Wonders

9:20 Session 2: Characterisation & Application Moderator: Lothar Wondraczek

9:25 Cindy Rountree (Le Centre CEA de Saclay)

9:50 Jianrong Qiu (Zhejiang University) on-line

10:15 Future Generation Takuma Nakamura (Tohoku University)

10:30 break

Moderator: Mathieu Hubert & Kiyoharu Tadanaga

10:35 Hong Li (Electric Glass Fiber America, LLC)

11:00 Lothar Wondraczek (University of Jena)

11:25 break

11:30 Future Generation Katelyn Kirchner (The Pennsylvania State University)

11:45 Future Generation Gülin Demirok (Şişecam)

12:00 Lunch break

13:00 Invited talk / Motoharu Matsumoto (Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. )

13:30 Invited talk / Yong Gyu Choi (Korea Aerospace University)

14:00 break

14:05 Invited talk / Michael Greenall (NSG Group)

14:35 Invited talk / Yasuya Nakano (Corning International)

15:05 break

15:25 Session 3: Biomedical Glasses Moderator: Julian R Jones

15:30 Delia Brauer (University of Jena) - on line

15:55 Céline Saint Olive (NORAKER)

16:20 break

16:25 Future Generation Justin Chung (Seoul National University Hospital)

16:40 Coffee break

17:00 Session 4: Sustainable Glass Production Moderator: Terutaka Maehara (AGC Inc.)

17:05 Oscar Verheijen (Glass Trend)

17:30 Tolga Uysal (Şişecam)

17:55 break

18:00 Steve Whettingsteel (Krysteline Technologies Ltd)

18:25 Future Generation Shuntaro Hyodo (AGC Inc.)

18:40 break

18:45 Closing ceremony

19:00 End of Day 2