Good news from UNESCO

Significant step forward in achieving goal

The UNESCO representative in New York. the Assistant Director of Natural Science, Shamila Nair-Bedouelle, has confirmed the support of UNESCO for our IYOG2022: She said « Yes, we will fully support this initiative and honored to be a partner through our extensive science networks. »

The ICG president, Prof Alicia Duran is in close contact with the UNESCO Officers organising the International Year of Basic Science (also 2022) and with Michel Spiro, President of IUPAP to strengthen the collaboration between both Years, to avoid activities that overlap on key dates and propose common activities like workshops dedicated to the celebration of the 45th anniversary of Philip W. Anderson and Sir Nevill Francis Mott receiving the Nobel Prize for their contributions to advancing fundamental theory of non-crystalline solids in ICG2022 in Berlin.

The next step is a presentation to the UN. To secure our success there we are still looking for more Letters of Endorsement. and expressions of interest, particularly from countries not already represented. Currently we have more than 500 letters from 45 different countries.

Last Updated: 11/03/2020
Author: John Parker

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